Having Some Fun with This IR Remote Controlled Car!

Do you have deep interest on the remote control gadgets and you’re wishing to build your very own remote controlled car? Well, your wish is granted! By the way, do you know that Nikola Tesla was the person that developed the earliest example of remote control in 1898 with his patent named “Method of Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vehicle”. The Term “remote control” can be referred to remote or controller (You can also named it as clicker or changer whatever you want it to be!) Normally, remote controls are Consumer IR device, where it’s being used to issue commands from a distance to televisions or other consumer electronics, example like stereo systems and DVD players! Today, you’ll have the chance to DIY an IR remote controlled car. It’s actually a quite easy project, where all you need to do here is fitting the DC motor on a toy car wheels with gears. The circuit board that being used in this project consist two PWM channels of ATMega8, where they’re for controlling the speed and direction of the car… Continue reading