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Clap controlled LED strip

There are many situations when you want to turn on the lights but switch is out of reach. Normally you could use some sort of remote control or even better – do this without additional hardware. This is where old good clap helps. CsabaP have built an Arduino based clap activated LED strip. The original idea was taken from knock activated drawer lock where drawer opens when secret knock pattern is recognized. Building blocks are pretty simple including Adafruit Trinket, white light LED strip, microphone module, and other necessary parts. Setup is pretty simple, but it can be great help in many areas. Continue reading

Attiny2313 based clap detection circuit

Clap activated circuits has been for some time around. But most of them simply toggled the output. Pete have bought few cheap lamps and used them for his smart clapper project. He didn’t want to limit functionality with just turn on and off but added couple new interesting features. As normally it toggles the AC switch when there are two claps within one second. If three claps are hared within one second them PWM dimming starts until fourth clap is detected. Additionally there is another relay which may be activated with laser beam. Laser is detected with photo-transistor. Device is controller by Attiny2313microcontroller which activates two 12V halogen lamps through transistor keys, one device is controlled using relay. Microphone captures sound, then amplifies, filters it and then comparator gives a pulse that goes directly to microcontrollers external interrupt pin. Small and effective circuit that adds fun to your house. Continue reading