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The Cheap But Useful Ericsson Cell Phone Display GA628

You used to have an Ericsson Cell Phone GA628 and you also loved it very much, however after few years of using, you’ve decided to change a brand new cell phone and you just threw it inside the drawer and never touch or look on it after that? Well, instead of leaving it in the drawer, why don’t you reuse it and give it a nice little modification here? This project wouldn’t cost you too much, as it is a cheap and power saving simple display for battery powered, thanks to the help of Ericsson GA628 display. Since it’s a readily available and the I2C interface allows the connection to a very small microcontroller as well! The GA628 display will provide a 12 character alphanumeric display, where some of the icons in the second line and its power consumption of some 100uA. Thus, it can easily be connected to the hardware, by just soldering some wires on it! However, the disadvantage on this project is it needs a 3.3V power supply and something around 5.6V. Beside that, the code and… Continue reading