Nerdy birthday cake

Who would think about using electronic device instead of real birthday cake. But who knows – there might be few nerds who would like such thing. Maksym thought it would be cool to create such device. It not only mimics birthday cake but also have piezo sensor which reacts to air flow. So it can be blow on to make it flicker and go out. Circuit is built around Attiny44 microcontroller with 9 LEDs attached to it. Cake is made of two PCBs where one is dedicated to control circuit while another carries LEDs with sensor in the middle. There are many things that can be improved here. First of all it needs random LED flickering for better candle mimic. There probably would be great to have varying number of LEDs to match the birthday age. Probably different Charliepelxing algorithm could do the trick. Some nice 3D printed case wouldn’t hurt also. Continue reading

Arduino Candle with remote control

We have lots of light sources around us. Most of them are electricity based – lamps, flashlights, screens. But some time ago one of main light sources were candles. This is amazing, that candles still are popular due to several reasons. They create intimate climate, serve as emergency light, improve odor, and is attribute in many celebrations. The fact is that we love burning candles and probably will continue doing so. Speaking of electronics, candles are great inspiration for many projects. There has been many attempts to build electronic candle with various effects and colors. Some of them try to mimic candle flame flickering, other focus on design and functionality. Jose Daniel Herrera have built his own version of candle. He’s chosen RGB LED strip as light source which is controlled with Arduino Pro. Project was housed inside IKEA lantern which already has candle shape in it. He programmed several effects like rainbow, fade and fire. He wanted easy way of switching between modes, so he used an IR remote control. With a button press you can select any effect… Continue reading

PIC based candle simulator

Burning candle is relaxing and gives warm feeling. No romantic moment passes without a candle. João took a challenge to simulate candle light with a LED and small microcontroller. The task isn’t so easy as it may look. Random flickering of LEDs won’t work here. First of all candle light is warm and waves slowly that gives a feeling of oscillating air around. This work is a second version of previous where he used single LED and MCU. This time he decided to go with two LEDs to get effect more close to candle. Program is based on PWM with random bit. Circuit isn’t hard to rebuild so be first to check out if this is close enough to candle light. Can you do better? Continue reading