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NEITO, an NCID and NTP Client

When we first saw this project we got intrigued with its name, NEITO was named from the artist John Neito whose paintings were used in the posters of the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. NEITO is actually two IP clients in a single project. First is a caller ID that attaches to an NCID server and retrieves caller information through TCP. Second is a real time clock (RTC) that has synchronization routines capable of sending requests to remote NTP servers through UDP. Both the RTC and caller ID information is displayed in NEITO’s LCD. The core of the system is an ATmega644 which takes care of the LCD routines, the time keeping through watching overflow interrupt of one of the ATmega644’s counters. It connects to the internet by utilizing Wiznet’s WIZ810MJ network interface module which is connected to the ATmega644 through 4-wire SPI. Continue reading

PIC based caller number identification

This device works with dial tone (DTMF) protocol. And its working depends on your phone company. If it sends phone numbers to call recipient that it is OK. The device simply detects and analyses phone line activity and detects incoming callers phone number which then is stored in EEPROM memory.   Device can remember up to 10 phone numbers in PICs EEPROM memory. Numbers can be erased at any time. Project files are available for download. Continue reading