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Nixie calculator powered by Raspberry Pi

This is some nice calculator which is grate from all aspects. But probably coolest thing here that retro looking Nixie display and old style keyboard keys are fused with modern electronics such as Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is definitely an overkill for such calculator, but since these things are getting cheaper and cheaper, so why not? To use a bit more of Raspberry Pi power Scott made it internet connected calculator where you can send calculations to WolframAlpha. All parts of calculator is custom made where each nixie tube is controlled by K155D driver chip. Each chip is controlled through I2C IO expander that is connected to Raspberry Pi. Custom power supply board takes care of powering computer with 5V and tubes with high voltage. I’d say this is quite and effort to build a calculator. Continue reading

TMS0803 scientific calculator emulated on MSP430G2452

simpleavr got inspired with web based calculator emulator and so he decided to build his own hardware based emulator. He’s chosen MSP430G2452 microcontroller (same that comes with launchpad) to run emulation. He tried to match original calculator layout and speed by selecting MCU clock speed. To make it look more retro he used bubble LED seven segment indicators. After several PCB versions it seems that he finally made it. Continue reading

Building a Pure Binary Calculator using LEDs and ATtiny2313

Very few handheld calculators support pure binary operations. If you have the high end ones binary operations are supported but you need to dig in to things to get them working the way you want them to be, which makes manual hand calculations better. One solution is to use the windows calculator, with just a push of a radio button viola! From decimal to binary but this time you need a computer to do simple binary operations. The best solution? Build one! Implemented in an ATtiny2313 microcontroller this binary calculator could evaluate binary functions such as NOT, OR, AND, XOR, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and modulo – neat huh? In addition to the functions it can compute, this calculator has bright blue LEDs for the binary display. As it turned out ATtiny2313 isn’t that small after all. Continue reading