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DIY Your Own Wall Avoiding Robot in Hours!

Ok, robot isn’t a new thing, especially in this 21st century, where everything is related with technical and robotics. Honestly, it isn’t too hard to develop our own robot. Believe it or not, you can build a wall avoiding robot in several hours! Hold on a second. You must know the main goal of the project, before you involving yourself into it. For your information, this wall avoiding robot is special and different than others. It’s not only able to avoid walls and obstacles, but it helps you to transfer some little parts from one location to another location inside your home. Frankly, there are many parts that needed for developing this wall avoiding robot. The robot is based on a Microcontroller by Atmel called the Atmega168. The reason why Atmega168 is being used, as it’s not only fast and cheap, but also very easy to be implemented with other components. In order to save more time, it’s better to use the USB Arduino, as it supports USB and has the built-in boot-loader. Plus, it has free programming software that… Continue reading