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The Finest Computer-controlled LED Lamp

Are you being bored of the same old desk lamp in your living room or bedroom? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a magnificent desk lamp, which it could change color constantly, for example it flashing red when you receive an e-mail from your friends or colleagues? Or even better, that it pulls weather reports from the internet and translates the forecast temperature to a certain color? It could add some white flashes, if thunderstorms are forecast or when your phone is ringing, it could flash green if it’s a friend/colleague or red if it’s your bossy employer (WoW, doesn’t it sounds like a “Red Alert” here? lol) Well, this computer-controlled LED lamp is a very simple and easy to develop project. The simple Python and C programs for your PC or Mac have been provided, so it will allow you to program color patterns into the lamp without a further modification. There are enormously bright LEDs, where it is bright enough to be used as lamps. Normally, they also come with three emitters, red, green and blue on a… Continue reading

Matrix keypad interfacing with microcontrollers

Matrix keypads are common devices where human has to interact with embedded system. Most common are scanning matrix keypads where rows or columns are constantly scanned to detect which button were pressed.   This nice course takes goes through theoretical explanation to practical implementation on AVR and 8051 microcontrollers. Each schematic is followed by ASM and C example programs. This is really practical tutorial especially for those who are new to microcontrollers. Continue reading