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DIY an FM Stereo Broadcaster Right Now!

Well, as you know that most of the mobile phones will have its own FM tuner, but the only matter is the longer you’re using the mobile phone FM tuner; the more you’re being exposed to the dangerous of high frequency and radiation. Thus, we’ve been advised by the doctor not to use the FM tuner too often, as it will spoil your health condition. If you like to have a fantastic FM stereo broadcaster, then today is your lucky day, as you’ll have the chance to develop an FM stereo! For implement this FM stereo broadcaster, you must learn to overcome the poor frequency control of the Ramsey FM-10C and the low modulation of the little iPod FM transmitters that mostly being used in the car. Therefore, you might… Continue reading

Homebrew Retro Game Console – The Uzebox Project

If you’re born in the 70’s or 80’s, then you’ll miss those old times, especially the retro games (Gosh, I still remembered the happy moment when I play the Super Mario with my brother!). Instead of just missed the old days, why don’t you spends couple of hours and develop the Uzebox project for your own? The Uzebox is a retro-minimalist homebrew fame console, and it’s based on an AVR 8-bit microcontroller from the Atmel. This project is totally based on an interrupt driven kernel and has no frame buffer. Those functions such as video sync generation, tile rendering, and music mixing are done in realtime format by a background task. As a result, those games can easily be developed in C language! The main goal of this design is… Continue reading