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Button Code – single button code entry system using PIC16F628A

Back in my elementary years I was thought how to use Morse Code – that is talking through dots and dashes. “Dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-stop”. I didn’t realize it back then but Morse Code is a form of serial communication, just using a single line to convey information. Button Code runs in a similar idea, just using a single button to key in values that would normally require multiple push buttons, thus completely replacing the entire numeric keypad. The user will input a four digit code using taps to the input button. A PIC16F628A was used to detect the code pattern; it monitors the taps on the button while also giving acknowledge signals to the user  – by using blink of a LED and when the correct code sequence is entered a single pole double throw relay will be activated. The common, normally open and normally closed pins are accessible through an end block connector and can be used to switch thing on and off. It has two operating modes the first is the running mode where it waits for the user input… Continue reading