Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

The Definite header

It’s an advanced level programming header that could be placed OVER the AVR microcontroller to save space and to make fast and easy/plug ‘n play connections. The first prototype was developed for the Attiny2313 and did just that; it connected the programming header pins to the appropriate pins. This is the basic straddling header with a 6 pin header. The ‘definite’ straddling header was also developed, that also included some stuff that almost every AVR circuit needed and that was more or less ‘fool-proof’. The definite header has decoupling capacitors of the required value so as to save the controller from large switching current. It also provides ease of accessibility to place a crystal of the highest frequency the specific AVR can handle on the board, including the SMT capacitors. For the ‘breadboard’ pins they have provided extra-long pin headers. These can be fed ‘through’ the board for included stability. There is also an extra pin next to the reset pin is on pin D0, so you it to add a Led there to make it easy to flash your first… Continue reading

Handy ATTiny25/45/85 breadboard helper

If you like prototyping projects on breadboard you probably know how frustrating is to do same initial wiring of microcontroller part is. We always have to take care of power supply caps, crystal, reset circuitry and ISP header. So why not to build this part once and then focus on further more interesting tasks. So breadboard header for ATTiny 25/45/85 is meant to make easier with this routine task. It is assembled on a small PCB that has pins compatible with breadboard holes. Besides mentioned above it also has power LED indicator and even additional PORTB pins where you can plug any interface instead mounting to breadboard. It also has convenient socket for resonator in case you will need to use different frequencies. I’d say this is a fully working development board with breadboard capability. Continue reading