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Arduino based thermostat with ESP8266 WiFi interface

Simple home automation solutions can make life easier, but with proper control interface it may make it even harder. If you are thinking about building or purchasing home automation unit for instance a thermostat, make sure that it has convenient control and remote access. EasyIoT has shared his thermostat project where he builds an Arduino based module with multiple features and control options. Thermostat consists of Arduino Mega 2560 that comes along with 3.2” touch screen LCD. Thermostat is capable of controlling single channel load with isolated relay. Since there is plenty of room and processing power, it also can do more. It takes pressure measurements with barometric BMP180 module, also temperature and humidity with well known DHT22 sensor. Ti also tracks time with DS1302 RTC module. Thermostat has 6 modes of operation depending on temperature level including Auto and Off. Thermostat is also connected to internet via ESP8266 module where all data and basic control is available via EasyIoT web interface. Continue reading

Building thermometer and altimeter using BMP180

BMP180 sensor is a cheap temperature and barometric pressure sensor. Sensor can be connected to Arduino using I2C interface. Electronut decided build a simple thermometer and altimeter using this sensor and Arduino for his trip. He took Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V clone and Nokia 5100 LCD to display data either in text or graph view. Barometric pressure was converted to altitude above sea level by using Sparkfun’s BMP180 software library. LCD also was controlled by using Adafruit Nokia 5100 library. Code became really compact. He came up with neat laser cut enclosure where all electronics and LiPo battery fits in. This is great solution to bring some data from the trips. Continue reading

Logging Arduino data to webserver

Most of internet of things solutions rely on storing data to the could. But what if you would like to build your own mini could server where you could store sensor data locally and do with it what ever you want. Dkschottt shared his simple solution to this problem where he uses bunch of tools to achieve the result. For his project he used barometric pressure sensor BMP180 and HMC5883L magnetometer that are read and data is transferred via serial interface to computer. The rest of task is left for webserver. Since it is set up locally on computer using WAMP server tools that include Apache web server, PHP and MySQL. Data is taken from serial interface with PHP script which uses serial library. Then ti formats data in to SQL string and stores in database. HTML webpage uses simple meta refresh functionality to continuously update data. Of course there are far more better solutions but this is enough to get initial results. Continue reading

Reading barometric sensor data with Arduino

Barometric sensor data can be used for reading atmosphere pressure which is great indicator for future forecasting. Also barometric pressure is used to get altitude data. It is widely used in flying models, quadcopters and even parachutes. As you can see you can do lots of fun stuff with pressure data. R-B have shared an interfacing example of BMP180 pressure sensor to Arduino board. He used Crowduino Uno board, which has several nice features like selectable power supply voltage between 3.3V and 5V, it also comes with SD card interface and few other improvements. Sensor module is interfaces via I2C interface. Data is displayed on small ILI9163 based TFT display. Several libraries were used to make things easier. Pressure module uses BMP180 library to get readings with few lines of code. LCD screen is also controlled with help of two libraries – TFT lib and Adafruit_GFX which takes care of generating fonts on graphical screen. Pressure sensor also comes with temperature meter which is also used for readings. So on LCD there are three parameters visible, barometric pressure, temperature and… Continue reading