BridgeDuino can carry most of wireless adapters

When project goes wireless prototyping with breadboard can be really messy. This is OK with single module, but what if you need several options? This is why TechBitar designed BridgeDuino board that can work as Arduino shield or HUB that can carry several popular wireless adapters including IR transmitter LED, IR receiver, RF433MHz reseiver and transmitter, Bluetooth HC-06 and HC-05, and Nrf24L01+. Board can sit on top of Arduino Uno as shield or be as base for Arduino Pro Mini along with FTDI programmed adapter. All those adapters already have Arduino libraries available, so there is no problem to interfacing them you just need to be sure when selecting proper control and data pins. BridgeDuino also has several additional features that make life easier. For instance LM1117 3.3V supply for powering Nrf24L01+ module, battery power option with Schotky diode protection, jumpers for programming and configuring other adapters, several I2C and ADC headers. Continue reading

The Genuine Arduino Control Panel for Motorcycles

There are many electronic projects have been built based on the Arduino. You might have seen the Arduino Control Panel for Racecars or SUV, but have you ever heard about an Arduino Control Panel for Motorcycles? Yeah, it sounds like pretty amazing, isn’t it? Well, today’s your lucky day, where we’re going to build an Arduino Control Panel for motorcycles. Before that, you should know that the main purpose of developing this arduino control panel is to measure various locomotion parameters, such as the speedometer, tachometer and gear indicator. Although it’s still in the prototype stage, but it works perfectly without any hassle. For this project, you have to prepare these following components: A standard Arduino, A small LCD, and Bluetooth . Basically, the device is connected to the electrical system of the motorcycle to receive pulses from the tachometer and using a reed switch for wheel rotation. It starts to calculate the wheel speed in Revolutions per minute (RPM), divides it into most recent engine RPM and obtains a unique ratio for each gear! It’s very a fun and… Continue reading

The Outstanding Arduino Mobile Processing

As you know that we can do many interesting things with the Arduino, but have you ever try to make a mobile Arduino with Mobile.Processing? Well, you might be a little bit confused about it. Let’s go straight to the point! This mobile Arduino with Mobile.Processing is using a Mobile.Processing and a Motorola cell phone, where it can relay arduino data to and from a website. For this project, you can use a cheap Motorola Iden i415, where it has unlimited data for 33c/day. To be honest, it’s quite convenient to use this model, as you can reboost the account when you want it to be! By the way, there is nothing to worry, when you’re using the Mobile.Processing. For instant, Mobile.Processing has Bluetooth and SMS capable libraries. These features could be used to add a whole new level of interactivity to an Arduino board. Furthermore, the Bluetooth allow you to make different changes with more cell phones! However, there’s also a little drawback. The arduino serial buffer limits the length of the message passed back and forth. And, the… Continue reading

Wiimote Firefighting Robot is Beyond Your Imagination!

Can you imagine what the robot is going to look like, if you build it with the Wiimote and I2C? Well, if you want to find out the truth, then it’s about time to have some real fun here… To be honest, this is a very cool project, where the Wiimote can be used to make a perfect control system for a firefighting robot. Don’t underestimate the Wiimote, as it able to send and receive Bluetooth commands instantly. Thus, many home hobbyists starting to use it, as it could be an ideal choice for low cost Bluetooth transceiver! Instead of the above feature, it also has IR sensor that can detect a candle and a Bluetooth transceiver to communicate back to a host computer. This means that the Wiimote will use the IR sensor to find the location of candle. It transmits the sensor reading back to the host computer over Bluetooth. For your information, the C program running on the host computer is reading the sensor data and sends command back through Bluetooth to the Wiimote. Since the Wiimote… Continue reading

It’s a LED Pharmacy Cross, Not a Holy Cross!

Nowadays, we’re always saw many pharmacies hanging a huge LED pharmacy cross at their pharmacy entrance to let people know there is a pharmacy inside the store. Why they want to use the LED pharmacy cross at the entrance of the pharmacy? The reason is simple, they look cool and catchy, and it also can be seen from distance and they can be customized according to your own needs! So, if you decided to develop an LED pharmacy cross, then you’ve came to the right place. For your information, those LED pharmacy crosses that selling on the marketplace is quite expensive and have very limited functions as well. As a result, it’s better to build one for your own use and you can easily customize it whenever you want! Basically, this project will need the ULN2003 Darlington arrays and the circuit was designed to receive messages through serial interface, where the sources are coning from a computer and than display them. Furthermore, a serial interface by wire is to be used to transmit data between the terminal and the ATmega64.… Continue reading