Bluetooth and Infrared to spice up automation tasks

Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances – this is what Wikipedia says about Bluetooth but what does it mean to have blue tooth capability? Let’s just put it this way when you have an automation going on and you hooked it up with blue tooth capability it simply means that you can control your home with your phone! Mark demonstrates how to use a 0822 Zilog Encore to interface with a Bluetooth module enabling him to wirelessly control relays using commands from his computer – through UART. Really neat stuff going at Mark’s mind, by switching relays on and off he could control appliances and just any other stuff that requires electrical power. He isn’t done yet he took thins to a different level by adding an infrared sensor – which could be used to trigger a buzzer that could serve as an alarm system – controllable via bluetooth. Continue reading