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Monitoring beehive with Arduino

Bees are best and probably only source of honey. If you have beehive at home, you know that it need taking care and monitoring of conditions. If you miss something your bees may swarm and migrate. So it is important to keep an eye on hive temperature and humidity. Marc has been working on beehive monitoring system that allows reading its temperature and humidity. He’s chosen DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor which is easy to interface to Arduino. His intent is to expand project to do more than monitoring temperature. He wanted it to send SMS when hive parameters goes beyond threshold. Other planed features include measuring the weight of hive to determine the amount of honey; additionally there shall be entrance activity and buzz monitoring. Also movement detection near hive to prevent vandalism. But since summer is almost over, most of plans are left for winter to accomplish. To see whats already done you can head to github resources. Continue reading

Beekeepers dream – PIC32 based bee hive monitor

If you are a beekeeper this project can be a good start towards better beekeeping. It is based on PIC32 microcontroller and has tons of sensors and interfacing that allows controlling many parameters in order to sustain near ideal conditions in a bee hive. If you know a little about bees, the probably you are aware about bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), when number of worker bees drops and this way rest of them aren’t able to maintain hive. So it is better to prevent this factor than fix damage later. This is where PIC32 based monitor (so called PIC’n The Beehive) comes in. It monitors ambient and hive temperatures, humidity, rain, dew point, wind speed, relative air pressure, and daylight intensity. It is also capable of measuring hive and bee weight and Mite count as well. Due to condition changes controller can ventilate hive, regulate temperature, entrance opening. It also can simulate rain to keep bees inside. All data can be accessed via multiple interfaces like USB, RS232, RF channel and even via WEB interface. This is what modern… Continue reading