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BeatSneaks – The Coolest and Stylish MIDI Drum Shoes!

Are you one of them who always found yourself tapping your feet unconsciously? If you did, then it might be caused by some nervous habit. However, if you enjoys with this movement, then just screwed up the bad habit’s theory and starts DIY a cool BeatSneaks for yourself! Ok, what’s so amazing about the BeatSneaks is it’s a MIDI Drum Shoes, which is allowing you to hit or beat your feet according to the MIDI signals. Inside the BeatSneaks, there are FSRs (Force Sensitive Resistors) in the heels and toes of the shoes. These little FSRs act as the tap sensors. BeatSneaks – Musical Shoes from Tom Hobson on Vimeo. FSR is like a break in a circuit, which is having infinite resistance. When you’re applying more force on FSR, it becomes less and less resistive. In this case, if we’re hooking up one end of an FSR to a voltage source and the other to the Arduino’s analog input, we might be able to send a signal to the Arduino every time we apply pressure to the FSR! Then,… Continue reading