BeagleBoard black – will it beat Raspberry Pi?

beagleboard black

It seems that Raspberry Pi continuously is loosing the “cheapest Linux” board positions. After BeagleBoard black has been announced, you may thing twice before purchasing your next or first Linux based development board. Firs of all its price has been cut to $45 which makes it very attractive choice. It becomes even more attractive when looking at technical specs. First of all it comes with AM335x 1GHz processor. We all now that clock cycle doesn’t determine the system performance. We will definitely see the comparison results soon. It also comes with 512MB of RAM. Then there is 2GB of onboard flash memory where angstrom Linux distribution is preloaded. Also you can always boot from uSD you own image. Among all other features you can find onboard JTAG, USB, serial port, Ethernet, HDMI, 65 GPIO that can be split in to several special function IOS like LCD, analog and so on. If you were keen to buy white BeagleBoard, then why not grabbing the black one. Continue reading