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BBox Drum Generator – It’s Time for Fun!

When the weekend is arriving, it’s time to layback and have something else to do. For those who enjoy playing drum, you might want to try this BBox Drum Generator, as it can really bring a lot of fun. Unlike the other drum generator, the BBox Drum Generator is built on an Arduino-based Midi sequencer. The interesting part about the BBox Drum Generator is it mounted inside a banana box! Well, it sounds a little bit wacky, but it’s truly an incredible idea, which is going to leave a deep impression for those who use it. The BBox Drum Generator contains a few preset drumbeats, where all the drumbeats from the basic for a drum variation algorithm. The blue rotary knob is a very important component in the BBox Drum Generator, as it responsible to control all the introduced variations. By the way, you can create four pushbuttons for the BBox Drum Generator, by simply mounting LEDs on top of PCB mounted mini pushbuttons. For your information, the two top buttons are used to navigate through the functions of the… Continue reading