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The RMS G-Meter – The Great Helper in Heavy Industrial Field!

Have you ever wondered that how the RMS G-meter function and help you off in the daily life? Well, The RMS G-meter has the ability to measure the acceleration up to five times of Earth’s gravity (The Earth’s Gravity is in ‘G’ unit). You can either put it inside or on the object whatever you want to measure the gravity. Basically, this RMS G-Meter is a microprocessor-based device that will display and update the RMS value of the acceleration levels in real time. This RMS G-Meter is made from the combination of: A single -axis accelerometer The signal conditioning A/D converter Micro-controller LCD display Battery power supply When you turn on the device, you can select either Peak mode, Average mode, or even the Integrated RMS mode. Each type of mode has its own function, which as: The Peak Mode – the device will update the highest RMS value it has measured, soon after it was activated. The Average Mode – the device will display the averaged RMS value of signal over the entire time, since it has been active.… Continue reading

RMS G Meter – The Powerful Accelerometer

RMS G Meter is considered as one of the useful acceleration measurer that ever created. RMS G Meter had been widely used in the following industries: Shipping – RMS G Meter is used for determine and verify the packages traveled with as little damage as possible. Manufacturing – It is used for vibration sensing for quality control purpose. The proper ways to calculate the RMS: Try to pick a function Then, square the function Remember to take the ‘mean value’ of the function Lastly, do take the square root of the function RMS G Meter is a smart microprocessor-based device, which can display and updates instantly the root-mean-square (RMS) values of the acceleration. There are six main components in a RMS G Meter: An accelerometer Low pass filter A/D converter Microcontroller LCD display Battery power supply We must know how to differential the four modes which: Peak Mode Once the PMS G Meter is activated, the device will update the highest RMS value it has measured. Average Mode The device will display the average RMS value of the signal all… Continue reading