Battery monitoring using a PIC12f675

In wireless systems that rely on batteries for power it is very critical that there should be a way to know when the battery is about to expire while having the right amount of time to replace it. In this post we are given a way to determine battery status by using the microcontroller’s analog to digital (ADC) converter in conjunction with a resistor, a diode and an LED. An actual application was also discussed. A wireless sensor node powered by two AAA batteries and controlled by a PIC12F675 is used to gather data from a distant location, it periodically sends sensed parameters to a server running a data acquisition software. To be able to monitor the condition of the battery a resistor – diode series network was added  – to measure voltage the the resistor and diode pair is driven high and low by a GPIO pin while connecting the junction of the two devices into the PIC12F657’s ADC enables the PIC12F675 to read the voltage level. When the battery drains down the levels that the PIC is seeing is… Continue reading