Fast way to sort out your batteries with Arduino tester

Batteries tend to degrade over time. So if you are using your gadget with rechargeable battery for some time you may start thinking if battery is still good enough. Same situation is with new ones where some manufacturers like to rate their batteries higher than they are. As always – one way to know is to test them. If you don’t want to mess up with complex measuring this might be a great helper. Simplest way of measuring battery capacitance on the fly is to measure its voltage drop while current is flowing through known resistor. This doesn’t give 100% precise results but gives quite good clue. Darius have put a simple measuring unit out of Arduino Mega couple wires and resistor. The rest is left to software which takes voltage values, calculates current flow through resistor and logs data to terminal screen. Measurements is carried one until discharge cut off voltage is reached. Program automatically calculates battery capacity and displays on screen. Continue reading