AVR powered numitron clock/thermometer

Numitrons are similar to nixies but require lower voltage to work. So this is great intro project towards nixies. In this project AVR Atmega48 microcontroller does all job – processes data, drives numitron indicators and talks to I2C Ds1307 RTC and DS18B20 themperature sensor. The code is written by using Bascom. Final touch of project is great also. It is cased on CNC milled opaque acrylate sheets with spacers between them. It looks great on table. Continue reading

DIY portable password generator

Generating unique and protective passwords can be a tough challenge for many people. As password cracking algorithms are getting smarter and faster – you need to really secure passwords everywhere if you want to feel safer. If you want to look cool and have a handy tool, you can build a portable password generator, which is easy to assemble, because there is already a small AVR development board from Olimex used. Password generator can fit in to your pocket. Password generator can generate 16 character random alphanumeric passwords. It allows adjusting the length of generated password or select to use or not special characters. Program is developed in AVR BASCOM language. Continue reading

PC controlled dual stepper motor driver

This stepper motor driver can control two independent steppers via RS232 interface. Control commands can be sent by using simple terminal program like HyperTerminal. Circuit is capable to drive two unipolar stepper motors operating in full step mode. Motors can be powered from 24V and consume up to 0.5A of current. ATtiny2313 microcontroller sends control pulses via ULN2803A chip, which can drive up to 500mA. Firmware is developed by using BASCOM AVR software. Or you can just download hex file which is ready to flash to microcontroller. This might be useful device for testing stepper motors. Continue reading

AVR based I2C EEPROM programmer

I2C 24C series EEPROM chips are stil used in many areas. There are many ways to program EEPROMs and many types of programmers you find on the Internet. But this one is little bit different as it does not need special software to program or read EEPROM devices.   Due to AT90S2313 or Attiny2313 microcontroller on board it is possible to connect programmer via RS232 interface and program ERPROM by sending commands and data from simple terminal software. Microcontroller handles I2C connection protocol with 24Cxx chip. Main benefits of this programmer is that it is not tied to single program or operation system. This way EEPROM chips can be programmed on any machine where COM port and terminal software is present. Continue reading

Simple LED spectrum analyzer and clock for PC modding

Rubashka Vasilly likes do do computer modding on spare time. His latest modding project was LED matrix spectrum analyzer + watch that connects to PC via RS232 port. Device is based on ATS902313(or alternative ATTiny2313) microcontroller.     All design is made on two separate PCB’s. One for control board and another for two 5×8 LED dot matrix’s. Microcontroller program is written in BASCOM-AVR language. As you can understand Attiny2313 doesn’t have enough power to calculate spectrum, so all this is done in managing program running on computer which uses a bass.dll library. Project files are available for download. Continue reading