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AVRcam – Low Cost Image Processing Engine with More Frames Per Second!

You love to take beautiful photos anywhere, anytime? However, you can’t find the methods to build the camera, where can track many objects at multiple frames per second? Hold on and take a deep breath, as you’ve found what you’re looking for after in such a long time: The AVRcam. The AVRcam is a standalone image-processing engine based on the Atmel ATmega8 microcontroller. What is the specialty of this stuff? Well, it has an engine that capable of tracking eight objects of eight different user-defined colors, at 27 frames per second! Below here are some useful features of AVRcam: It provides real-time tracking statistics through an UART. It can track image resolution of up to 88 X 144 pixels at 27 frames per second. It built on the open source software and hardware, where you can download the programs from the internet instantly! The main purpose of this AVRcam is to enable mobile robots to perceive their environment in a small form factor, lower-power consumption and high capability package. The AVRcam allows the user to take photographs and the photographs… Continue reading