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Project Ouroboros: Reflashing USBASP into an ATmega8 Development Board

When I was trying to search for cheap AVR programmers on eBay i came across a bunch of AVRASP programmers from China, they cost a lot cheaper compared to their premium counterparts, it was a surprise to know that when they arrived that these programmers (or hex loaders as I call them) are made using an ATmega8! I was astonished to learn that a microcontrollor is programming another microcotroller – something like recursive programming. A cool dude that goes by the name of  jethomson had a brilliant idea of actually modifying the AVRASP programmer so that it would become an ATmega8 development board ready to take in code – he even made it compatible and programmable with the famous Arduino Environment. All that was needed to complete the transformation was… Continue reading