Arduino based smart wristwatch that accepts gestures

Smart watches normally have small displays and so controlling them can be trickier than smart phones or other devices. There are also lots of situations, when you need to control the watch, but both of your hands are occupied. Darthmouth team has been looking for a solution to this problem and came out with WristWhirl smart watch prototype. They integrated smart control capability in to watch strap where they put 12 IR proximity sensors and piezo vibration sensor that would accept biomechanical gestures. The watch is equipped with 2’’ TFT display. Inside the watch an Arduino DUO is ticking. As a smart watch it can do lots of things including Google map navigation, music player where user can scroll through playlists with simple gestures. No watch would be great without games. There is an experimental Tetris which accepts wrist swipes, wrist extension and wrist flexion combination. Continue reading

Watch with Numitron tubes

DIY digital watches are pretty intensive field among hobbyists. NO matter how many builds you’ve seen, there are always something new and unique. This time Johannes shared his recent project where he is building watch with 7 segment Numitron tubes. They are small enough to fit as displays in to wristwatch. (Video in German) Watch is controlled by Atmega8 microcontroller which drives tubes through couple TLC6C598 drivers. Watch also includes charging circuit that allows taking care of battery inside. Watch with tubes were placed inside custom 3D printed enclosure which has windows for digits. There are some work left to finish the project – mostly with enclosure and fixing buttons. Continue reading

DIY digital wrist watch

This project is one of its kind and is just really amazing. I am short of words to describe the project. As the name suggest it’s just a wrist watch, but with a twist. First of all, you can make it totally by yourself with minimal component, however you might face some soldering difficulties. It features a 1.3” OLED display to display the time, and various CRT animations. OLED was used as it has no separate backlight and hence every pixel produces its own light. Talking about the hardware part, it contains an ATMEGA328P microcontroller along with a 2.5V regulator with a real time clock and some extra regular components. The wrist watch software’s offer up to 10 alarm time, and the most amazing feature is that you can even play simple games like Breakout and Car dodge. It even has so called ‘APPS’ which light up all LED’s on phone and even feature a stopwatch which you can use it while jogging around. It even features a power-saving mode which try to take the watch in idle state for… Continue reading