No need for flat surfaces with this tilt mouse

I believe that there are many situations when using regular computer mouse isn’t handy due to lack of good surface. Why not to give a try to tilt mouse. The main idea of following project is to build a mouse that doesn’t use any flat surface but any location. It uses totally three ATmega644 microcontrollers that are split in two main boards: transmitting and base. Transmitting device is an actual mouse that reads two accelerometers to detect motion and sends data wirelessly to the base board. Base board consists of two ATmegas where they split various tasks including USB connectivity, wireless receiver and TV mode. Why TV mode? Well seems that there is enough power left to do some fun stuff like creating a simple minesweeper game that enables to play on TV screen by using a tilt mouse. So, tired of computer – switch to TV for a game. Continue reading

Interfacing Atmega8515L to RF-24G wireless module

If you are considering wireless design you may consider of using RF-24G wireless module which works at 2.4GHz frequency. With this module your application may reach 1Mbps speed and may provide up to 250 data stream channels. You may check the abilities in datasheet. So there is simple project showing how to run these modules with microcontroller. Simple Circuit which interfaces module to Atmega8515 and receives data from USART terminal which is immediately transmitted. After transmission module enters receive mode These modules are powered with 3.3V so be sure not to connect it to 5V supply as you may damage it. For some of you this example may serve as a starting point to wireless. Download complete Project files(155kB) . Continue reading