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Turn your oscilloscope in to terminal console

This idea might seem a bit crazy, but it’s real. Matthew have built a bidirectional serial terminal with standard PS/2 keyboard input and 54×24 resolution oscilloscope screen. Adapter is built around ATmega168 microcontroller that reads keyboard commands, intake UART communications and generates video signal sent to scope. As a result you can see a 7-bit ASCII and 60Hz refreshing image in oscilloscope screen. The terminal works like professional one with most features available including graphical configuration menu, selectable baud rate and configuration profiles. Despite the simplicity of hardware, it is a time critical application. For resolution of 54×24 characters AVR has to be clocked at 20MHz. After all, the result looks great. Author even managed to connect a Linux box to its Terminalscope. Continue reading

Use oscilloscope as terminal output

This is another great project that came from dutchtronix. This time oscilloscope is used as text terminal. This seems to be quite practical project. Imagine situation that you need to debug microcontroller code. The easiest way is to use terminal which is usually a computer. But computer isn’t always on your workbench. So why not to use an oscilloscope as terminal?   If you already have the Dutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope Clock, you now also have theDutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope Terminal which works on same hardware, only firmware needs to be uploaded. Terminal is capable to output 12 lines with 20 characters each. It also includes all ASCII character set, automatic scrolling, flashing cursor, multiple baud support, etc. Continue reading