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An RGB LED Ring Using an ATmega168

When I first saw this LED ring, the first thing that came into my mind is a Christmas tree entirely covered by these glowing rings of awesomeness. There are two versions; the first version makes use of 3 P-channel MOSFET that cycles through the primary colors and makes use of only a single LED ring constant current source. The second version uses three separate constant current sources made from MBI5168 – this would rid us of the need to cycle through the colors and give us more brightness. The color balancing can be done in hardware – turning potentiometers in ht back of the PCBs. There is a warning when dealing with these rings – the current constant current sources and the LEDs can generate a lot of heat, sometimes too hot to touch. Also, these devices are rated to operate <=5V, it can work in lower voltages, but the LEDs would be less bright. To operate beyond the 5V, you would need to use a regulator to avoid popping your chips. Continue reading

Configurable, full colour RGB mixing lamp

This project is for those who want to control room light according to their mood. RGB mixing lamp is great in generating various colour schemes. It can work as stand alone device without PC connection. It can be controlled remotely via standard RS485 bus system. RGB lamps are developed as stackable modules. If you want to build one – be prepared to develop four separate PCB’s for power supply, Atmega8 controller board, LED board and serial connectivity board. It has two firmware versions developed on ASM and C languages. Turn on deep blue colour and watch “The Abyss”. Continue reading