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RF communication channel for microcontroller based devices

Wireless communication is always interesting. First of all it frees us from wires and increase distance between sender and receiver. You can get lot of advanced RF modules like Zigbee, bluetooth, GSM WiFi. But they are more expensive and not always necessary to have simple RF channel. Simple RF modules may do job well. They cost pennies and are pretty easy to work with. Usually they come in frequencies 315Mhz and 433Mhz. These modules dont have any modulators or encoders. They simply modulate and transmit what ever you give to DATA pin. So obviously some data encoding/packeting mechanism is needed. If microcontroller is used simple USART connection may work pretty well. But this is not very reliable way. If you want to free MCU from encoding tasks then there are special encoder/decoder chips (HT12E and HT12D) that takes parallel data from MCU and forms data packet to be transmitted. Receiver decodes this packet and produces same signal on output like they were sent using wires. Bhargav shares with details on how to set up transmitter and receiver with decoders and… Continue reading

Remote weather station receiver module

Ficara Emilio have built and adapter which receives information from remote radio station (Oregon Scientific) module via 433MHz RF channel. Weather station provides temperature and humidity data. But to receive such data you need to have a receiver which usually is included in the weather station kit. But what if you want to receive data from weather station which is neighborhood or you want to to see information on computer screen.   Receiver adapter is build on Attiny2313 AVR microcontroller which decodes data sent from RF receiver. After this MCU sends information to USART port. On PC side you can use program which reads data from RS232 port. All necessary files are available for download from project page. I assume that with small software modification this adapter could be used for any RF data receive and convert to RS232. Continue reading