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POV display with remote

POV or persistence of vision is a theory where an afterimage is thought to persist for approximately one sixteenth of a second on the retina, and believed to be the explanation for motion perception. This technique is commonly employed in projectors where the frames are cycled so fast that it seems continuous to the eye. In this project you could remotely control a POV display which has the ability to display a heart image, an analog clock and a predefined word. Another great thing about the project is that a sort of wireless power has been implemented in the device using simple transformer with a LC resonant circuit. The mathematics involved in the project is a little complicated but completely void of tough equations. Once understood it can be easily implemented with the help of additional libraries. The principal component used in our project is the Atmel ATmega1284P microcontroller which connects the IR transmitter, receiver along with LED’s and motor control for POV. A really beautiful project but you might have to make changes to it to suit your needs… Continue reading

POV clock for New Year

Just before 2012 steps in take a look at this POV clock. Someone already is using it to count down the time before twelve beats. Like all POV clocks – it displays time by spinning a set of LEDs. But like any other it has something unique worth mentioning. It’s heart is an Atmega324P microcontroller running at 20MHz. Image pattern ins held in external 64kb Ramtron FRAM (FM1608) memory. High resolution of image is achieved with 40 Cyan PLCC-4 LEDs controlled via five TLC5916 constant current LED drivers. Power between motor and rotating part is transferred wirelessly. Continue reading