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AVR controlled magnetic levitation toy

Long time ago when I was a boy I have build a simple magnetic levitation with permanent magnets. The trick was to fix permanent magnet at some high and then tied a string to another magnet so that magnets wouldn’t touch each other. After all this isn’t much fun as Davide’s magnetic levitation project. This one doesn’t require string – magnet really levitates. In order to achieve this effect there is an AVR Atmega8 microcontroller used which controls electromagnetic coil and reads magnet position. Hall sensor hidden inside coil reads the distance of magnet from coil and depending on reading coil is magnetized with varying PWM so that equilibrium is reached when magnet doesn’t fall and doesn’t stick to electromagnet. Process is controlled using PID algorithm where position is corrected… Continue reading

Open source PID controller at your service

Sometimes you need a more precise control of things rather than switching on and off with some hysteresis. This is why PID control was developed. PID control is known as Proportional, Integral and Derivative control where each part brings a portion of fine tune to end control signal. So instead of having rough characteristics you get pretty fine and optimal curve, say of oven temperature. osPID have published their initial version of open hardware PID controller which is based on Arduino compatible Atmega328P microcontroller. The design of osPID is modular that consists of three plug-able boards: Main board with microcontroller, buttons and LCD, Input card where sensor input information is captured an output card which controls actual device. Depending on controlled device input and output cards can be swapped to… Continue reading