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Digital Numitron clock uses IV9 and IV16 tubes

Numitron tubes are special type of displays, where digits are constructed out of segments like in 7-segment LED displays. They can be driven with standard 74HC595 shift registers. Numitron indicators require about 20mA of current so interfacing them to microcontrollers is fairly easy. Kalshagar have built really nice four Numitron digits based digital clock. He wanted clock to be modular so that different parts could be reused in other projects if needed. To do so, he split design in to two boards – a display board which carries only tubes and driving circuit; while another part where microcontroller, RTC and backup battery is. He has done several versions of board and enclosure while eventually he stayed with rusty metal casing which looks really great. Continue reading

Watch with Numitron tubes

DIY digital watches are pretty intensive field among hobbyists. NO matter how many builds you’ve seen, there are always something new and unique. This time Johannes shared his recent project where he is building watch with 7 segment Numitron tubes. They are small enough to fit as displays in to wristwatch. (Video in German) Watch is controlled by Atmega8 microcontroller which drives tubes through couple TLC6C598 drivers. Watch also includes charging circuit that allows taking care of battery inside. Watch with tubes were placed inside custom 3D printed enclosure which has windows for digits. There are some work left to finish the project – mostly with enclosure and fixing buttons. Continue reading

AVR powered numitron clock/thermometer

Numitrons are similar to nixies but require lower voltage to work. So this is great intro project towards nixies. In this project AVR Atmega48 microcontroller does all job – processes data, drives numitron indicators and talks to I2C Ds1307 RTC and DS18B20 themperature sensor. The code is written by using Bascom. Final touch of project is great also. It is cased on CNC milled opaque acrylate sheets with spacers between them. It looks great on table. Continue reading