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Universal Remote

We all have faced the problem of managing multiple remotes while using our home theater. Although there are commercially available universal remote, this project will allow you to make your own universal remote controller and hence will teach you the working of a remote. In short, it learn the required signal of different remotes all at once, store them and can transmit them based on the input received from the user on the remote. A typical NEC protocol is used to implement the remote control but with a little modification you could also use RC-5 protocol Presently, it only has the capacity to store 9 buttons due to the keypad being used, however, you could replace with a touch screen based LCD to store more signals and increase the attractiveness of the project. The microcontroller used for this project is Atmega1284 mounted on a custom PCB. When the device is in input mode, microcontroller is used to detect IR signal to store the signal of your remote. When the device is in output mode, microcontroller detects user input and generates… Continue reading

Remotely controlled fan regulator

This remote controlled fan regulator is based on AVR microcontroller and is able to control AC loads like fan. It controls current power passed to device by switching triac. It accepts IR commands from hobby remote control in NEC format and can accpet commands from three buttons: Enter – to turn ON/OFF; up – to increase speed and down – to decrease fan speed. There are 10 total steps of speed that are visible on 7 segment LED display. Seems to be practical circuit that can be used for many purposes like lamps, fans and more. Continue reading