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Learn to park a car with this fun AVR game

Students Lu Liu and Xu Chen from Cornell ECE4760 class have built nice game where you have to park a car on computer screen. They have built steering wheel equipped with accelerometers to detect angle. Also they made accelerator and brake out of hinges with potentiometers as sensors. To make it complete they also made wooden gear shift. The heart of project is ATmega1284 microcontroller which reads sensor inputs and draws car model on TV screen. Program functionality include user configurable stage selection, status report when finished, car hit detection. Continue reading

Simple AVR game console

This project intended to be simple and fully featured game system. It uses 3 AVR microcontrollers that are responsible for different tasks like generating composite video signal, IR receiver decoder, and sound effects. Game generates simple monochrome image on TV screen and plays monophonic sound. It is also featured with dual axis Memsic 2125 accelerometer that acts as additional control for joystick. Project seems to be still under intense polishing and more info will be published soon. It actually looks very promising game system so keep track of it. Continue reading