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Stats on your table with etherfeed

If you are a webmaster you probably know how important and fun is to keep track of you project. There are plenty of tools that help keep track of website visitors, pageview, sales and so on. Etherfeed is a nice project that allows to display your desired stats on standalone device. Main power of course resides in php script that collects all data from Google analytics, Paypal, Facebook and Google weather data. Then device called etherfeed connects to internet and pulls data and displays on LCD. Device is based on AVR Atmega644 microcontroller that connects to internet using enc28j60 chip. Embedded server supports DHCP that ensures easy connectivity. Configuration page is written in HTML5 for better compatibility with smart devices like tables, smart-phones. Device is powered from USB port so two cables are needed in order to work – USB and Etnernet. If there is a router with USB near it may be an advantage. Continue reading

Adding Ethernet control to speakers

After some research Martin found that his Genius SW-HF 5.1 5005 speakers are generating annoying 50Hz sound and eats significant amount of power in standby mode. In order to control this he decided to add Ethernet control so he could easily cut power off when device isn’t needed. So he made circuit with Atmega168 and ENC28J60 Ethernet controller. He took schematics from tuxgraphics. Instead of controlling speakers only he translated ethernet commands in to IR signals that can be used to control more devices in room. So no more switches power manually. Continue reading

AVR based multipurpose ethernet board

If you want to run simple webserver on embedded platform and have plenty of controllable interfaces you should consider on building or purchasing etherrape – AVR enabled Ethernet board. This fancy board almost doesn’t have SMD elements and can be soldered by anyone with moderate soldering skills. Despite the fact that Atmega644 is interfaced with ENC28J60 Stand-alone Ethernet Controller with SPI connectivity, it also has a list of other valuable built in interfaces: Ethernet and TCP/IP Simple webserver; Linux command line tool; RS232; RS485/422 (half- /fullduplex); Dallas 1wire bus; Infra-red Receiver and Transmitter for RC5 Codec; MCA-25 Handy-Camera with VGA resolution can be attached (approx 10 Euro on ebay), not yet supported by firmware; 2MB Data-Flash memory; I2C; SPI. Lots of great thing can be done with all these board abilities including webserver, Ethernet converter to RS232, RS485, 1-wire, infra-red, I2C, SPI interfaces. So it can serve as remotely controlled platform or data acquisition board where all readings can be seen on web screen. Project files and firmware can be downloaded from project page. Continue reading

AVR Network Time Protocol Clock

There are many time servers around the world that provide reliable time by using NTP (Network Time protocol). Everyone can connect to these serves and receive exact time via this simple protocol. Read more about how does it work in https://www.pool.ntp.org/. Guido Socher from tuxgraphics.org has built nice simple NTP client that can request for time packets from server and display this data on LCD.   He used one of his AVR ethernet boards where simple server application allows easily configure clock settings like NTP server address, time offset, Clock address and more. The web server has also a second page where current time is displayed – the same as on LCD. Author provides ideas on how to build clock, ad even provides source code, but if you just want to have this clock on your table really fast on then buy a kit from https://shop.tuxgraphics.org/ and support Guido for his nice ideas. Continue reading