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AVR thermometer to mount on a wall

Andrian have developed an AVR based thermometer that can be mounted on a wall. He designed a PCB with two holes. Ok this is convenient, but lets look whats inside this neat thermometer. It is based on Atmega8 microcontroller that reads temperature from DHT-11 sensor. This one is used to measure outside temperature and humidity. For inside measurements there is a LM35 sensor used. Thermometer is capable of displaying temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Additionally it sends temperature values over USART. So Andrian managed to plug an USART to Bluetooth module so he could monitor temperature remotely with PC or mobile phone. Continue reading

Wireless programmable pace clock

This is one of latest ECE4760 final projects from Cornell. They have built a large pace clock that can be controlled and programmed with Android phone via bluetooth interface. FYI pace clocks are used in sports activities like swimming workout timing intervals and so on. Clock is based on AVR Atmega32A microcontroller that communicates to host through RN-52 bluetooth module and drives four seven segment displays made by using custom PCBs and tons of LEDs. LEDs are controlled by TLC5940NT drivers. Device keeps track of time with external clock/calendar PCF8563Pchip. The control part is on android device where commands are send by using nice graphical interface. Ideal stuff for couches who are short on budget. Continue reading

Control PC applications with DIY Bluetooth remote control

This is quite ambitious project that actually is useful and interesting. It is a Bluetooth remote control that enables to control PC applications like winamp while mowing around in your room. It has a Nokia LCD screen where you can see the winamp playlist and select desired song. It also allows to make Skype call. So this is pretty solid thing to have. Let’s see a bit in to hardware. It is based on AT90USB1287 AVR microcontroller that has internal USB interface so no problem to have USB connectivity for firmware uploading via bootloader and charging Li-Ion battery. USB can also be recognized as external multimedia keyboard that allows same manipulation as it was remote. But the main fun thin is Bluetooth to UART module LMX9838 that also can have… Continue reading