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True nerdy binary watch

When everyone is trying to pack more features in to digital watches, othermachine did the opposite. They built really simple digital watch where only two LEDs are used to tell the time. Watch is controlled by Attiny microcontroller which runs Arduino program. Two LEDs are capable to display two binary digits at once. So by flashing four times in series hours and minutes can be displayed. All is left it to combine digital digits in your brain. Another interesting aspect of this project is that watch PCB was milled with Othermill – desktop milling machine. Continue reading

Nearly impossible to read digital clock

You’ve probably seen lots of binary clocks and can tell the time, but this one is different in its design. Author tried to make clock as hard to read as possible, so no wander if you can’t tell the time without figuring out how this works. It uses only 6 RGB LEDs to indicate time in binary format. Time is coded in colors and digits are overlapped or simply speaking color multiplexed. Clock is run by ATmega8535 microcontroller and it reads precise time tacks from DS3232 RTC chip. So take your time and try to tell the time or just enjoy the show. Continue reading

HDD relived as binary clock

Don’t get caught… this clock doesn’t have moving parts. HDD is only as case for a clock. Design is really neat and uses no fancy components like SMD or etched PCB. So everyone can make it on old HDD. LEDs on a HDD platter look really cool. In the dark it should give nice effects.   Binary clock is running on AT90S2313 as it can be replaced by ATtiny2313 now with no code modifications.  Circuit is really simple – matrix of LEDs is controlled by using transistor keys, and additionally there are three buttons for setting time. Source code is also available which is written for AVR-GCC compiler. To see live action of binary clock, view video of the clock. Continue reading