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ArduPilot – The World’s Cheapest AutoPilot!

Do you know that the ArduPilot is known as the world’s cheapest AutoPilot? Yep, with only $24.95, you can own it instantly. Why should you use this ArduPilot? Well, It’s because ArduPilot is the idea navigation-only autopilot based on the open-source Arduino platform, (Of course, you’ll need a GPS module and FMA Co-Pilot first!) Since all the software and hardware are all open source, thus you can use it without worry of being sued! The ArduPilot is actually a custom PCB with an embedded processor (ATMega168) combined with circuitry to switch between RC control and autopilot control. The ArduPilot can be used to navigate the altitude by controlling the rudder and throttle. This autopilot is fully programmable and it can have any number of GPS waypoints and trigger camera or other sensors too! Some of the powerful features of ArduPilot are: It can be used for an autonomous aircraft, car or boat (Stabilization unit only needed for a plane!) The built-in hardware failsafe that uses a separate circuit to transfer control from the RC system to the autopilot and back… Continue reading