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PIC32 controlled automated wire feed TIG welder

It takes time to master welding process especially if talking about Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. TIG welding is considered as high quality and precision process. The problem is that filler wire is added to the weld pool separately. Lets leave all these pros and cons to those who are doing real job with welding and see what is this project about. The idea if this project is to apply a control to TIG welding using PIC32 microcontroller which has to take care of filler a wire which is fed by stepper motor. Other nice features include ability to store welding settings to SD card where different filler wire diameters, types and and weld types can be stored. This allows microcontrolled to perform automated welding process. Selectable information is conveniently displayed on LCD menu where different welding settings can be selected. There is a very little information provided about this project, but main idea, circuits and source are provided, so who knows maybe someone will try to continue with this. Continue reading