Standalone automatic AVR programmer

For simple microcontroller prototyping there is no problem program chip from computer by using one of many programmer adapter. Setting thing up takes a bit of time, but for up to several chips this is not a big problem. But when your projects scale up a bit, flashing issue may become annoying. When you need to flash lots of them you start for more robust solution. The guys from Solderlab grew to the point where lots of AVRs need to be programmed so instead of doing this old fashion way they built an auto programmer. Their auto programmer is capable of programming AVR microcontrollers automatically. All you need is to put hex file in to micro SD card and once powered it can flash chip automatically. Programmer can work with DIP AVR chips also program via ISP. It has a Nokia 5510 LCD where navigation menu is displayed. Here you can select what to do including: flashing, reading, reading fuses and other stuff. LCD also displays progress bar while programming and error messages if there are some. Same or more… Continue reading

Automatic MCU chip programmer

Imagine you have to program 100 chips one by one – wouldn’t it be a boring and long task. As this task is robust, let this do for robot that can do this restless. The guy from Dexter’s Lab has built a simple machine that takes DIP chips (ATmega328) and programs them one by one with Arduino bootloader. Chip is picked with vacuum header and placed in to ZIF socket where Arduino performs programming. There is a special application that controls process and loads app to program chip. Overall process looks fun and simple. Just keep those chips coming. Continue reading