Smart AVR based color sensor

avr based rgb color sensor

If you ever used image editing software, you probably tried color picker tool. It allows pointing to any place (pixel) of image or digital photo and it returns its RGB value. This is handy way of determining digital color value. Well this is easy when you have image stored in computer. But what about real world objects. How can we pick the color? You can get RGB values by taking photos and then using software packages like GIMP to find its RGB value. Or you can try building a color sensor circuit that would allow pick colors by putting it close to color object and pick its color. Sounds cool, isn’t it? As matter of fact the science behind such device is simple, and everyone can build it with few cheap components. It won’t guarantee very accurate results, but they should be close enough. So janw decided to build a standalone color sensor that would output its RGB value via serial interface. So his device was intended to be universal and compact solution which could be integrated in to any… Continue reading

Use the AVR and Turn it into an RFID Tag

Atmel AVR is a Modified Harvard Architecture 8-bit RISC single chip microcontroller. Atmel developed it in 1996. It is the first microcontroller families to use on-chip flash memory for program storage! Have you ever wondered that you can use an AVR and turn it into an RFID tag? If you haven’t try it before, then it’s the golden opportunity to test it out. In this case, you need to use an Atmel AVR microcontroller (Preferably the ATtiny85) and a coil. After that, you can optionally add a couple of capacitors onto the project, which is improving performance with some types of coils. With this simple method, it’s very easy for you to build a working RFID tag. All you have to do here is soldering a small inductor to an AVR chip. Look on the above figure closely. It’s the prototype of an EM4102-style RFID tag, which is an extremely popular style of low-frequency RFID tag, as it has the space to store up to 40-bit unique ID! So, it’s time to get yourself busy, by implementing this awesome RFID… Continue reading

Turn ON or OFF TV with TV-B-Gone

Are you tired of LCD TV’s around you in public place, or restaurant. Tired of advertisements while you want to have peaceful time. Didn’t you think how good it would be to have magic remote control that could turn those annoying screens off. TV-B-Gone kit might be just what you need.   This fantastic remote can turn off almost all popular TV’s including latest plazma. Thanks to 4 IR LEDs used, distance may reach more than 100ft. The device uses Attiny85V microcontroller for storing 50 most common codes. You can download project files or buy a kit, and this way support author for nice ideas. Continue reading