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Automatic kitchen sink light

Gareth found out that there isn’t enough light by the sink in the kitchen and decided to build one from parts found around the house. Instead using simple lamp and switch he decided to go different way – use some automation. He thought PIR motions sensor is what he needs. So he hooked sensor to Attiny84 microcontroller soldered 16 100mA while LEDs and connected them to MCU via MOSFET. Now each time someone gets close to sink lights switches on and goes off when area is empty. Its fun and useful. Continue reading

Display a waveforms on VGA monitor

Actually this is great project to show how simple circuit and program can be in order to draw signals on VGA screen. For this only few components are needed like Attiny84 microcontroller running at 20MHz, few caps and resistors. This small circuit is capable to update 800×600 VGA screen at 60Hz refresh rate. It takes Audio signals via ADC channel and displays on screen as a vertical waveform. There is also specially designed preamp that allows to connect an electret microphone to ADC channel so you could see your voice in screen. Continue reading