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Building a Pure Binary Calculator using LEDs and ATtiny2313

Very few handheld calculators support pure binary operations. If you have the high end ones binary operations are supported but you need to dig in to things to get them working the way you want them to be, which makes manual hand calculations better. One solution is to use the windows calculator, with just a push of a radio button viola! From decimal to binary but this time you need a computer to do simple binary operations. The best solution? Build one! Implemented in an ATtiny2313 microcontroller this binary calculator could evaluate binary functions such as NOT, OR, AND, XOR, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and modulo – neat huh? In addition to the functions it can compute, this calculator has bright blue LEDs for the binary display. As it turned out… Continue reading

Interrupt driven time keeper using ATTtiny2313

What is a clock? It’s a time keeping entity that increments at a constant rate. Szymon Dyja demonstrated how to keep the time using built in counters of the ATTtiny2313. Szymon’s simple design uses a 16×2 LCD with backlight and has an accuracy of 1 second / 48 hours. The 16 bit counter of the AVR is set to overflow when a second had lapsed, how to do this? Since the project uses an 8MHz crystal the counter is incremented every 8MHz/1024 and thus since the counter is 16 bit it will overflow at ((2 ^ 16-1) – (8000000/1024)) = 57822.5 which corresponds to a second. When the 16 bit counters over flow an interrupt is asserted, this assertion signals that the specific time span had lapsed and that global… Continue reading

Great LED effects for your kid

As electronics hobbyist you probably are busy with more serious projects than this one.  Sometimes doing little fun projects are worth a time especially if it’s done with kids. This project actually is pretty simple LED effects circuit based on ATtiny2313 microcontroller that is able to drive 24 LEDs with dynamic indication. As you may know driving all LEDs constantly at once may be crucial to microcontroller. Whole project is assembled on a prototype PCB board – so there is a minimal time spent on assembly. The next step is more fun as it takes a programming effects and controlling them. There is more than one effect programmed in microcontroller that can be changed with one of three buttons, whilst other two buttons are for increasing or decreasing effect speed.… Continue reading

WiMax antenna auto position finder

Wireless internet is almost everywhere but not always it is easy to catch quality signal. It is all about antenna design and positioning it. If you are too lazy to position antenna take a look at following project where simple solution and common found parts made simple bi-quad antenna auto-position itself to access point. Device is built around ATTiny2313 microcontroller that controls an old scanner stepper motor via ULN2003A. It seems that hardware part is finished while software is still under way. Hardware part is written mostly in Russian but I guess this is not big deal with auto-translator. Continue reading