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RGB dice on ATtiny13

ATtiny13 microcontroller has 6 available I/O’s, so there is no way to drive seven RGB LEDs directly. Well, CharliePlexing will not work as well as there is still a lack of pins. But if we look deeper in problem we can find that dice LEDs can be grouped in four groups that makes possible to control total 12 LEDs. There is also one button used to fire random number generator that generates number from 1 to 6. Using RGB LEDs for such project is quite overkill but final effect is great. Continue reading

Single button garage door lock access

Do you think you need a keypad to enter door lock code? Well think again. This one uses only one button to enter four digit secret code combinations. The concept is being around in internet. Anyway this is a slight modification ported to AVR ATtiny13 microcontroller. To enter code there is a simple trick – press button as many times as you need to enter a digit. Once number is entered wait for LED flash then do same for second number. If whole code is correct – garage door opens. The project is pretty straight forward – built on protoboard but it seems to working fine. Sometimes it is enough to trick strangers. Continue reading

Impressive 32 LED globe

Moving LED displays are popular projects. But this seems really interesting as it uses pretty simple but effective solution. It is driven by ATtiny13 microcontroller that sends signals to LEDs via 4 shift registers. Microcontroller simply stores globe image in 32×70 bit array then sends column signals while motor is spinning. Assembly of project looks really neat and well documented, just in Russian language. So use online translator. Continue reading

Programmable RGB LED blinky

Got an extra RGB LED and thinking where to put it? Why not to make a fancy RGB blinky that could emit various nice RGB patterns. It doesn’t require many parts and can be soldered by anyone who is not afraid of soldering iron. RGB blinky is also known as Lux Spectralis and can be purchased as a kit, but you can also build it from scratch as all necessary files are provided. Atiny13 program already has a bunch preprogrammed light modes that can be changed with push button. Fun to build and even more fun to play with. Continue reading