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The High Speed Rocket acceleration logger

You’re always fascinated with the rocket and you’ll try to get it no matter what cost it takes? However, do you ever know how fast the rocket will blast off above the ground, every time you launch it from the ground? Well, if you have no idea about it and you’re desperate to find out the truth, then it’s about time for you to build the high speed rocket acceleration logger! So, what’s the main purpose of this rocket acceleration logger? Ok, this little buddy has the ability to collect and record data from a freescale mma7260, a 3-axis accelerometer. After the microcontroller has collected the require data, it stored in 32k of EEPROM on a 24c256. The rocket accelerometer logger is built around the popular Attiny13 microcontroller and it’s small enough that you can fit it into the nose-cone of the rocket without any hassle at all! A small 3.6v Li-ion battery can power the rocket accelerometer logger (The battery could be the largest part of the circuit!). It would be even better, if you’re able to get a… Continue reading