Sing-Along – The Genuine Musical Tone Memory Game!

You think you have the singing talent and you’re dreamed to become the next singing idol? Well, it’s always good to dream big, and maybe this Sing-Along device will help you getting closer with your dream! Look on the Sing-Along device; it’s slightly different from others, as it has a triangular shape. By the way, the Sing-Along is actually a musical tone memory game in the tradition of the popular 80’s game Simon says (Ok, it’s ‘Simon says’, not Simon Cowell, the famous judge from American Idol says!) This game is specially designed for one to three players. There’s something you need to know, before you’re playing this game. In the very beginning, the ATtiny12 microcontroller-based device plays a random sequence of notes. It gives a few seconds for the players to listen and then sing or hum the notes back to it. The sequence will get longer and longer, if the player sings it correctly. If the player sings an incorrect note, then a “lose” sound will play. The “win” tune will play, if only the player sung the… Continue reading