Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Chipper board for programming and prototyping Attiny chips

Attiny microcontrollers are smallest microcontrollers from AVR line. Despite their low pin count and less memory, they are great microconrollers for smaller projects. In order to make thing simpler, Ben built a Chipper board that makes it easier to program and prototype tiny’s. It is made to be Arduino shield compatible. So by stacking it on top it already can be used as second core if you wish. Chipper board supports majority of tiny micros with 8, 14 and 20 pins. Board has couple LEDs and sensor port for fast prototyping. There is also a small prototyping area to make custom addition to it. Continue reading

Custom light source for microscope

A good lighting is essential when inspecting things through microscope. Built in light sources might not always be the best solution. It practically depends on what things are you looking at. For instance, if you need to inspect electronics circuits – you can get shadows depending on component placement and so on.  Finding this situation uncomfortable, Steve built his own light source that can be mounted on his microscope. This is basically a dual LED ring controlled by Attiny1632 microcontroller. Microcontroller is programmed with different light patterns that can be selected with couple rotary encoders and three buttons. Cycling through different options you can get best possible light combination that allows seeing best image through microscope. Continue reading

Tiny SD music player

Probably it is a smallest SD music player in the world based on AtinyX5 microcontroller series. Its size actually is limited to SD card which sits on back of PCB. Microcontroller generates sound with PWM that can be driven to speakers directly. AVR tiny microcontrollers have very little RAM so handling FAT file system is quite a task. There is a Petit-TatFs module used which is developed for small memory systems with less than 512 bytes. SD music player is able to play wave files 8/16-bit mono and stereo at up to 48kHz sampling rate. I is really cheap solution to add in to gifts, toys and anywhere where small size and simplicity is required. Continue reading

No more pain with setting up a breadboard project

So you do like prototype your projects by using a breadboard, but there is a little problem with it – every time you need to setup same initial wiring for even start MCU running. The only way out is to use an adapter with ready to go basic setups like ISP header, resonator, reset switch, and even more. Tinkerlog has prepared series of Attiny adapters that will be soon available in their store. This thing definitely saves tons of time and instead of messing with routine wiring you can go directly to desired prototyping. [via] Continue reading