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The Power of A Beast

For those who have worked with Cortex M4 based platform, they surely know about the power of it. Its power can be guaranteed by the fact that it’s capable of running Linux and a variety of open-source OS on to it. This project features integrated lots and lots of communication peripherals with the processor. The chosen microcontroller is the Cortex M4 based ATSAM4E16C from Atmel, It also includes plenty of peripherals such as a Real Time Clock (RTC), a USB controller, an Ethernet MAC, As a reminder, the Cortex M4 allows Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based instructions so doing some maths (FFTs and stuff) on the platform should be a piece of cake. Although he could have used an embedded operating system, he still decided to skip the OS as he enjoyed low-level programming and I believe everyone should. With the controller, he has interfaced an audio amplifier, a SD card, an Ethernet for internet connectivity and even a Bluetooth as well as capacitive touch controller and stepper motor controller and this all was done in just 2 months of… Continue reading

The Magnificent Helicontrol Project

Remote control toys are becoming some people’s favorite, as it bring unlimited of fun to the players. So, if steering miniature helicopters is your interest, then this Helicontrol is definitely your first choice! Well, Helicontrol is actually a small nifty USB gadget. It’s mostly being used to steer miniature helicopters or quadcopters, especially when the infrared remote control is requiring. The main purpose of the project is to develop a cheap yet easy to build IR remote control for helicopters. One of the features of the Helicontrol is it must easily attach to a PC without any modification. For this project, an USB is always the best choice, especially the Atmel (AtmelAvr) is known as the most useful microcontroller. However, it’s quite tricky to solder a TQFP34 package, but it should be fined after some practicing! Basically, the Helicontrol PCB are divided into four functional units, which as: AT90USB 1287 microcontroller: It included USB support, 128k flash up to 16 MHz AtmelAvr controller, crystal oscillator up to 16 MHz and capacitor. A MOSFET transistor (Up to six infrared LEDs to… Continue reading