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DIY the Cheapest Dual Trace Scope in Your Home!

Sometimes, it’s better to DIY your own electronics project than buy it in the electronic shops. Honestly, you cannot even find some of the incredible devices elsewhere, unless you build it yourself! In this case, this cheapest dual trace scope would be the best example. Different from the other dual trace scope, it’s a submini USB scope that based on an Atmel Tiny45 CPU. Basically, it has two analog inputs and can supply 5V onto the 4 pins header on the right. For your information, one of the inputs can be easily scaled down with the trim pot. Furthermore, the firmware in the Tiny45 is well-written in C language and compiled with Winavr and USB source code from obdev. If you’re referring to the above figure, you might find out… Continue reading

DIY a Dual Trace Scope By Your Own and Save Enormous of Money!

As we all knew that the currently worldwide economy has been moved in the downward position and most of the countries all around the globe have been seriously affected by this economy crisis. It’s getting hard and harder to earn our living and that’s why you should learn how to save as much of money as you can! However, some of you may think that it’s easier to be said than done… Well, guessed what! Would you believe if you could develop the cheapest dual trace scope with a cost less than $8 per unit? It seems unbelievable but this is the fact! For your information, this submini USB dual trace scope is based on Atmel Tiny45 CPU and it’s a homemade PCB. It has two analog inputs and can… Continue reading