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The Magnificent Ethernet Picture Viewer

Have you always dreamed of developing an Ethernet picture viewer, but you just cannot find the proper methods to construct it? Well, today is your lucky day, as you have the chance to DIY an Ethernet picture viewer in the ease of your home! For your information, this is a very interesting project, where it contains lots of great code and helpful tips that could help you out when you are working on a similar Ethernet project next time! This Eternet picture viewer is a low cost device and it allows you to visualize any graphic content stored on a computer in an LAN. A server application that runs in PC servers will request the information from the “Picture Viewer” and provides image data to be displayed on the device’s LCD. You’re offered the possibility to browse among the various pictures, where are made public by the server application, choose one and scroll the displayed image according to your favorite. The hardware prototype was build around an Atmel ATmega32L AVR family microcontroller and it uses the Wiznet embedded Ethernet module… Continue reading